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Why a new website?

An appetite for change

Having built a successful business on the back of years of hard work, relationship building and study, Stacey and Matty of The Chief Life felt the time had come to elevate their website game to match their meal-plan prowess.

They felt that the website was disconnected from their mission, their ‘why’, and they wanted it brought into alignment.

The first step was to do a full User Experience analysis of the website, and discover where improvements could be made. Together we arrived at the conclusion that the best way to improve the site was to start from scratch, and the evolution of The Chief Life began.

The analysis revealed that while people loved the meal plans and the service provided by The Chief Life, the website was dark and heavy, with a difficult to read white typography on a black background. We wanted to evoke a sense of vibrancy, energy and healthy living that the current website lacked.

The website was re-designed to highlight the bright veggies and fit lifestyle of The Chief Life’s clients, inspiring people to bring colour to their plate and energy to their lives.

Why a new website?

Highlighting a product range that fuels performance

The Chief Life’s products range from customised meal plans to complete one-on-one coaching with Stacey, who’s a University qualified dietician.

Research shows that when people consider buying products online, they are influenced by images more than text. Their old landing pages for meal plans were text heavy, light on images and didn’t explain the product in a digestible format (excuse the pun).

Each product was given it’s own landing page, highlighting the feature in bite-sized pieces of information and supported by colourful, energetic imagery. Trust is built by educating potential clients on who would be creating their plan, how the process works and reassuring them that they’ll be supported.

The whole design is rounded off by making it easy to purchase, easy to ask questions and shares testimonials of people who’ve had success with the plan in the past.

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    The real deal

    Bringing authority and authenticity to nutrition

    Online nutrition coaches are a dime a dozen, but Stacey Harris, BSC (Nutrition) Honours, isn’t an Instagram dietitian. She’s a certified, qualified, experienced nutrition coach with a passion for health and wellness.

    It was important that the website matches her expertise and confidently presents The Chief Life as the foremost authority on fuelling transformations.

    Content is king

    Treating the company as a health and fitness media channel

    At the heart of The Chief Life’s business is a passion to share knowledge and make healthy lifestyles accessible to the masses. This passion translates into a successful podcast and an informative blog that allows The Chief Life to spread their brand and their message.

    Social media MVP Gary Vaynerchuck said that every company is now a media company. Positioning The Chief Life as an authority on nutrition was one of the main considerations when re-designing the podcast experience.

    We renamed their podcast to The Chiefcast and created a visual language that would remain consistent to their brand, regardless of the guests they hosted. The content was presented in a way that was enticing, easily accessible and firmly on brand.

    Digital evolution

    Empowering the Chiefs to continue their growth with support and guidance

    One of the main pain points Stacey and Matty pointed out to me before we started was that they could no longer update their own website. They were experienced with WordPress, but their current site’s backend was difficult to navigate and update.

    In creating the new website, I made sure that the site is easy to update with minimal training so they can handle things like text changes, image changes and blog and podcast updates with ease. Since no two websites are the same, I create tutorial videos specific for each website. Yep, that’s me in the corner of that tutorial teaching the Chiefs how to continue their evolution with confidence.

    This project was a real labour of love and I can’t thank Stace and Matty enough for this collaboration. They are the epitome of living your values and I see nothing but success in their future, and the future of those they serve with The Chief Life.

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