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The space

Three incredible businesses under one roof

I hadn’t heard of ‘Tally’ before I got the call, but I knew the businesses that made up this stunning hub of health and fitness.

Tally houses everything that health-conscious people need to get fit and healthy while enjoying world-class training and recovery along the way. Comprising CrossFit South Wharf, Tally Kitchen and Tally Health, this facility blew my mind and was definitely worthy of #gymporn.

This stunning facility wasn’t accurately being represented by the website, and I was brought in to redesign the site and effectively communicate just how awesome this place is.

Why a new website?

The website wasn’t representing the vision and space of Tally

Tech and design don’t always play nice together, and it takes a solid knowledge of both to make a website work. Tally had already engaged a developer, but they were keen to engage someone with a strong background in website design to create an online experience as impressive as the real-life hub that Tally is.

The images below are a snapshot of the old site., which was dark and failed to evoke images of a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. The other challenge with Tally was that they housed 3 related but unique businesses; A CrossFit box, a healthy cafe and a state-of-the-art recovery and floatation centre. This meant that the solution needed to take into consideration each businesses unique benefits, but tie them together as a unified package.

Train, eat, recover

Telling a unified story about holistic health

Following a user-centric approach means looking at things from the user’s perspective, in this case, the potential Tally client visiting the website. We created a theme to their experience centred around the benefits the facility could provide them: A holistic approach to their health under on roof, a place where they could train, eat and recover.

A modular design was created that allowed each business to shine in it’s own light while being a part of the whole experience.


Consistency between the three

When you create a website, you want people to be able to use it intuitively. Keeping the experience consistent becomes especially important when you’re dealing with a 3 business facility.

Our solution was to standardise elements like fonts, forms and buttons, keeping the sizes and shapes the same throughout, but altering the colours to suit each unique offering.

Digital evolution

A consistent experience across all digital channels

A responsive website is no longer negotiable. Your website has to look the part on desktop and mobile devices, regardless of their size. We optimised the experience for mobile so that people could connect to Tally’s brand whether they’re in front of their computer at work or on their phone on the bus.

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