Creating a heavy duty brand for a tough Aussie company

Iron Kustoms
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About the brand

Heavy duty equipment, friendly professional service

Iron Kustoms is a brand founded on the belief that if it has to be perfect, it has to be custom. Specialising in custom fitouts for CrossFit boxes and Strength & Conditioning facilities, their heavy duty equipment is complemented by the friendly, professional service they provide.

The brand needed to speak to these two qualities, showing that the equipment is virtually unbreakable while the genuine service is always sure to crack a smile. This presented an opportunity to create a brand that was both heavy duty in its style, but refined and sophisticated in its communication.

Brand building

Crafting a logo, building a brand

The logo needed to communicate strength, durability and professionalism. Using an industrial inspired logotype, the logo draws on the focus word IRON to display the toughness of the brand, while the clean angles and stacked layout ensure that the brand doesn’t look grungy or unsophisticated, therefore maintaining the professionalism that is so integral to the brand.

The brand colours were chosen to show a fresh approach to the industry. The black and grey tones that form the basis of the brand are contrasted by the bright green that also serves to differentiate Iron Kustoms from their competitors. The results is an instantly recognisable brand that can be applied across print, merchandise and digital with consistency.


Using photography to shape the look

Photography often sets the tone for a brand and this was another opportunity to showcase the two sides of Iron Kustoms, heavy-duty toughness and genuine, professional service. The images of the athletes using the equipment under strain were given a black and white treatment with a rough texture applied, showing that this gear isn’t for soft hands and hearts.

In contrast to the athlete imagery, the product photos are clean, crisp and show the premium quality of Iron Kustoms equipment. The balance of the two styles of photography lends itself well to the brand’s mix of grit and polish.

Getting social

Bringing the look to life on Social Media

In the current digital state of marketing, social media is often where a business speaks its first words to the world. Now that all the elements for a versatile brand had been created, it was time to launch Iron Kustoms to the world. The strategy was to celebrate the brand’s sponsored athletes, give advice to gym owners about equipment and gym layout, launch products and to highlight the important points of difference of IK.

A strategy and look were put in place to communicate these varied messages in order to ensure that whether we were speaking about warranties or an athlete’s new PB, the look of the brand had to feel familiar and uniform, regardless of the message.

Getting social

Taking heavy duty & professional online

When it comes to websites, we always ask one question: Why would someone want to come to this website?

In the case of Iron Kustoms, we found through our research that people would be visiting the site for two reasons:

1 – To research and source equipment for their gym

2 – To get a feel of the company, who they are and what they do

The digital home of Iron Kustoms became a combination of company profile and online shopping platform, with e-commerce created through WooCommerce, and the site built in the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress.

It was important to Kamil that he could easily edit his products, change copy on the website and publish blog posts without having to call on his developers all the time, so the website was built in a way that made it easy to update with minimal training required.

All things must come to an end

In 2017 Kamil made the tough decision to close Iron Kustoms, deciding to move away from manufacturing and move to utilising his knowledge and expertise to consulting for a select few clients in the industry. While it’s always upsetting to see a small business close its doors, our work together on Iron Kustoms set the foundation for what has become a lifelong friendship, and for that we are very grateful.

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