Before + After: Creating the digital evolution of a trusted brand in nutrition

Redesigning The Chief Life’s website

What are we selling?

Before we get into the before and after, we want to make it clear that none of the criticisms of the old website are meant as disrespect of the previous designers and developers of The Chief Life’s websites. Everybody in the design industry has different skill sets, different capabilities, and eyes, so we all produce different solutions to the same problems. This before and after is designed to show the opportunity that is presented when we take something old and make it new, and to celebrate the growth and evolution of The Chief Life, with their own transformation.

Looking at the old Chief Life website, it can be hard to decipher what it is that they actually do. The dark colour scheme and photos of ripped athletes made it obvious that the business was related to fitness, but their true offering, nutrition plans and coaching, wasn’t immediately obvious.

The new website highlights the core of their business by getting straight into their offerings, celebrating their client’s success and introducing the chiefs, Stacey and Matty, right away.

Look and feel

Promoting health, wellness and delicious food visually

The old website relied on a standard Shopify page to sell the product, and while they had success with this, it was hardly reaching its potential.

The new website highlights the features of each meal plan and product, arranges the information into easy to understand pieces and communicated the amazing value to potential clients.

The use of a lot of images of healthy food was strategic, as people relate strongly to photos rather than long blocks of text when picturing themselves using a service. The energetic, vibrant vibe set by the design of the meal plan pages is designed in a way that attracts their tribe, while making purchasing easy.


Telling stories of success

The testimonial is the golden tool of a business focused on body and life transformations. The old website was cluttered and unbalanced in its layout, making it hard to decipher and appreciate the hard work put in by The Chief Life’s clients.

We designed an approach that categorised the success stories by medium, so people could either watch videos, read written image testimonials or listen to audio stories about The Chief Life’s effectiveness.

After all, the job of the┬átestimonial page is to┬ácelebrate the power of change, the people who’ve achieved so much and allowing others to connect to their stories.

Content is king

Making content shine

The Chief Life is more than just meal plans, they are an expert authority on nutrition, health and fitness. Their successful podcast attracts listeners from around the world and they host some of the wellness world’s most well know ambassadors.

Their blog is filled with useful, well researched, original content that resonates with people on a deep level. They say content is king, and it’s the job of the website to make that content shine.

The podcast was given a complete makeover, adopting an on-brand look regardless of who the guest is, while the blog was re-designed to be easy to read, informative and accessible on any device.

Digital evolution

Welcoming conversation

People often underestimate the importance of the contact page, and yet it’s one of the most important pages on a website. A great contact page lists the company’s details and includes a simple, easy to fill out contact form.

Following this principle of simplicity, we designed a page that was succinct, a form that was attractive to fill out, and even added a bit of brand alignment in the response expectation.

When creating a contact page, keep it simple, keep it easy and enjoy the new business that comes your way.

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