The 3 Fs of great gym shirts

Everyone loves a good gym shirt, especially one that looks great and fits well. When creating shirts, hoodies and other merch, it’s important to make an impact but remain true to the brand.⠀

When I design shirts for clients, I always follow the 3⃣ F’s: Fabric, Fit, Flexibility.⠀

1⃣ Fabric⠀

Nobody likes wearing sandpaper, so instead of choosing the cheapest shirt available, invest a little extra in fabrics that will feel good, wash well and keep their shape. Never choose low quality over high volume, because if you print 20 expensive shirts, 20 people will wear them. If you print 100 cheap shirts, 100 people will have a new oil rag. What does that say about your brand?⠀

2⃣ Fit⠀

A good gym shirt should fit well, be tight in the right places (arms, chest, shoulders) and looser in the right places (stomach). This is known as an athletic fit, and it’s perfect as it accentuates gains and hides some body fat. People should feel good and look great in your shirts.

3⃣ Flexibility⠀

Neon might look great in the gym, but think about people’s ability to wear the shirts outside of the gym. Choose colors and styles that are versatile. A great shirt can be worn to almost every session, after a wash of course ⠀

👖BONUS – The Jeans Theory⠀

There is a theory I have when creating gym shirts: You should be able to wear the gym shirt out to a casual dinner with a pair of jeans. If your shirts fit well and are made of a comfortable fabric, then people will want to wear them all the time, and if they can wear them in settings outside of the gym, then that’s free marketing and advertising for you.

Boris Kezic

Using branding to bridge the gap between fitness biz owners and the people whose lives they're living to change. In short, I do Good Work for Good People. This blog will be of use to you if you want to learn how to use your brand to succeed, save time on marketing and generally create great experiences for your people.