Beyond the photo shoot: Using your existing photos to build an amazing experience

This post is a follow up on How to Plan a Photo Shoot.

Now that you’ve got amazing photos of your facility and your clients, here’s how you can use them to add to their experience of your gym.⠀

I believe you should always add value BEYOND what’s being paid for in membership fees and here’s how to do it with photos:⠀

1⃣ Personally send clients their photos!⠀

Even in the days of endless selfies and constant photos, not many people get professional photos taken of themselves, especially not while working out. Go through the photos, create a folder for each member and send it to them. ⠀

Tell them that you appreciate their time during the shoot, and let them know that you want them to have professional photos of their fitness journey.⠀

Yes, it will take a lot of time. No it won’t be ROI positive financially, BUT it will show people that you value them, and the ROI of that is always huge. ⠀

2⃣ Use their photo as a birthday card!⠀

On a member’s birthday, print their photos and send it as a card. It will be unique to them, and genuinely related to your relationship as an owner/coach. ⠀

3⃣ Tell them to tag you if they share the photos on social media! ⠀

Encourage them to share their journey but don’t pressure them into it. Send them the photos without expectation, but let them know that if they do decide to post them, to tag you in them so you can see it. ⠀

💡 Everything you do in your business becomes part of your brand. Always, always, always think about how you can add value to your client’s lives beyond their gym membership. A brand is nothing more than the value it creates in people’s lives, so think of creative ways to put a bit of sunshine into people’s lives ☀

Boris Kezic

Using branding to bridge the gap between fitness biz owners and the people whose lives they're living to change. In short, I do Good Work for Good People. This blog will be of use to you if you want to learn how to use your brand to succeed, save time on marketing and generally create great experiences for your people.